February 12, 2020

E-sport Holidays

Everything about E-sporting and gaming holidays

About Us

Hi All, My name is Nick and whilst working (and currently still working) within the travel industry i started to notice that there was a lot of company’s out there that was offering travel packages for sporting holidays but none of them had taken into account the mass popularity growth in E-sports.

So one day i was sitting at my desk in work and was considering going to a CS:GO DreamHack event i found that there was little information out there on site, What if i wanted to attend a BYOC event how do i take it without breaking anything, would it be allowed on a flight?

This is when i decided to at first focus on a site to give advise on how to travel with all your equipment in a safe way, how to get to the events we will cover and where to stay with some recommendations and eventually we will try to arrange special rates for hotels.

In the coming years my big goal is also to run a full travel company offering package holidays for E-sporting Events and conventions, this will take all the hassle and you will only need to go to one site for all your gaming travel needs.

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